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We are leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Dyestuffs. We are regularly playing a leading role in the manufacturing of Dyestuffs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with the intent to further strengthen its position for its quality products. A Dye or Pigment is coloured substance that chemical compound to the substrate to which it is being applied. Having years of experience and extensive industry knowledge in this domain, we are now ready to face the challenges of the global market place and deliver quality products in adherence with market standards and parameters.

Dyes Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India

We believe that quality, safety and environmental responsibility are the cornerstones that guide each of our employees in fulfilling their daily commitment to helping our customers reach new highs. We have evolved as a distinguished force in the Dyestuff Manufacturing Industry for offering a huge range of product that includes diverse types of Reactive Dyes, Digital Inkjet Printing Ink and Digital Inkjet Printing Ink Powder. We are leading manufacturer of variety of Reactive Dyes all of which are premium 'high concentrate' dyes. Incepted years ago in this domain, we are manufacturing high-class and well-engineered range of products ships internationally and include a variety of Textile Reactive Dyes in various ranges of strength and shades.

Our widespread and ever-changing product collection features Textile Reactive Dyes, Reactive Black Dyes, Acid Dyes, Food Colors, Pigment Powder Dyes, Beta Blue 15:3 and Processing Dyes which are produced in an environment-friendly and sustainable atmosphere. Our Industry has become a force to reckon with in the Global Dyestuffs Industry. Safety, quality and strength are the three pillars that hold up our world of colour – zero compromise.

Dyes - Acid Dyes Suppliers in India

We are trusted and prominent Dyes Suppliers, which are widely supplied in diverse manufacturing industry. These offered dyes are a substance that add color to textiles and incorporated into the fiber by chemical reaction, absorption, or dispersion. Diverse range of Dyes are manufactured which are resistance to sunlight, perspiration, washing, gas, alkalies, and other agents, their affinity for diverse fibers, and their reaction to cleaning agents and methods and their solubility and method of application. The manufactured Dyes, Direct Dyes, Direct Black 22 are widely used on cotton, paper, leather, wool, silk and nylon. These are also used as pH indicators and as biological stains. We are even manufacturing the mordant dyes that require a mordant, which improves the fastness of the dye against water, light and perspiration.

  • Coloring fibers and cloth
  • Color photography
  • Foods and Cosmetic
  • Ink jet printer inks
  • Electronics - dye lasers, solar cells, display panels
  • Biological and biochemical stains
  • Lakes used as pigments in modern paints

Dyes Manufacturer & Suppliers

We are engaged in Manufacturing & Supplying different types of Acid Black, Blue, Violet Dyes and Food Colors which are used various industry. Our manufactured dyes are hugely demanded by the customers flourished across the globe for offering the finest and quality products. Our esteem clients can avail the below mentioned dyes such as:

Dyes Classification

Our manufactured products are classified on the bases of the fibers which can be applied and the chemical nature of each dye. We are engaged in manufacturing the Acid Dyes, Acid Black/Blue/Violet/Green/Brown Dyes, Lake Dyes, Wood Stain Dyes, Pigment Powder and so on, which are complex unsaturated fragrant compounds satisfying uniqueness like intense color, solubility, substantiveness and retreat. These Dyestuff can be defined as diverse type of coloring particles which differ in each type from the other in chemical composition and are used for coloring fabrics in diverse colors and shades which are completely soluble in liquid media. The primary classification of dyestuff is based on the fibers to which they can be applied and the chemical nature of each dye. Reactive dyes react with fiber molecules to form chemical bonds. Direct Dyes can color fabric directly with one operation and without the aid of an affixing agent.

Dyes Manufacturer & Exporters in India

Acid Dyes Exporter

Dye Class Description Method Fibers Typically Applied to Typical Fixation(%) Typical Pollutants Associated with various dyes
Acid water-soluble anionic compounds Exhaust / Beck / Continuous (carpet) wool, nylon 80-93 color; organic acids; unfixed dyes
Basic water-soluble, applied in weakly acidic dyebaths; very bright dyes Exhaust / Beck acrylic, some polyesters 97-98 N/A
Direct water-soluble, anionic compounds;can be applied directly to cellulosics without mordants (or metals like chromium and copper) Exhaust / Beck/Continuous cotton, rayon, other cellulosics 70-95 color; salt; unfixed dye; cationic fixing agents; surfactant; defoamer; leveling and retarding agents; finish; diluents
Disperse not water-soluble High temperature exhaust Continuous polyester, acetate, other synthetics 80-92 color; organic acids; carriers; leveling agents; phosphates; defoamers; lubricants; dispersants; delustrants; diluents
Reactive water-soluble, anionic compounds; largest dye class Exhaust / Beck Cold pad batch / Continuous cotton, other cellulosics, wool 60-90 color; salt; alkali; unfixed dye; surfactants; defoamer; diluents; finish
Sulfur organic compounds containing sulfur or sodium sulfide Continuous cotton, other cellulosics 60-70 color; alkali; oxidizing agent; reducing agent; unfixed dye
Vat oldest dyes; more chemically complex; water-insoluble Exhaust/Package / Continuous cotton, other cellulosics 80-95 color; alkali; oxidizing agents; reducing agents

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Dyes Manufacturer India

Dyes benefits to The Environment

Beside the way that the environment really precedes by natural dyes, these likewise can hold fast to materials in a wide range and not simply textures which are regular. It is a smart thought to realize that you get extraordinary outcomes when dyeing textures since you are reviving the shade of existing things as opposed to expending and purchase spic and span texture things without fail. For businesses, for example, lodgings and clinics, that use texture materials and window ornaments by the thousands every day, these get destroyed decently fast. Rather than only purchasing new cloths and shades now and again, it is smarter to utilize color to reestablish the texture through dyes.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the leading Dyes Manufacturer specialized in creating diverse types of dyes solutions for a variety of applications and offer technical sales team and laboratory. Our manufactured Dyes, Colorants and Pigments offered vary a diverse benefit that includes its easiness to make us in liquid format. These manufactured colorant makes the product very easy to use, handle and measure, and further it directly saves the time and reduce the cost of manufacturing errors when colorant is been used. Our expanded teams of experienced professionals do strict quality standards which are used to produce quality Colorants, Dyestuff and Pigments. We are offering natural friendly Pigments and we are committed to quality and believe in natural purity in order to protect the customers and the environment from toxic substances.

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